Modulator encoder

The new series of product of Encoder Modulator of East Wave Technology Company is based on 7K series OEM modulator. This product mentioned the ability to provide various outputs with DVB-S / DSNG / S2 / S2X modulations in the L band and DVB-T / T2 output in the 70 MHz band. The product’s professional encoder also allows H.265 to be compressed on 4K input. L-band output allows the use of this product in SNG links, and the presence of an L-Band combine in the output layer provides the conditions for combining the generated L-Band signal with an external L-Band signal and sending two transponders with an amplifier. brings. The small volume and small dimensions of this product, compared to its countless capabilities, provide its good location in SNG vehicles and make it an irreplaceable choice for this application. In addition to the possibility of using this product in portable terrestrial links, the possibility of sending 2 simultaneous DVB-T2 outputs or 4 DVB-T outputs is another unrivaled feature of links based on this product, which can create bandwidth or more reliability depending on the conditions of use. Provides in sending.

Remax capability with multiplexer core in the modulator part allows the encoder output signal to be combined with another input TS signal and sent to the modulator output.

The professional encoder used in this product, based on today’s needs, provides the ability to encode 4K input images in HEVC format. The core of this encoder is hardware and it is accessed through software. It is also possible to receive 4 stereo audio inputs separately with AES3 signaling or EMBEDD in SDI input and is the audio compression format in the AAC encoder.

All of these features are available through an easy-to-use interface and support for communication protocols such as SNMP and web browsers is included in this product. Also, if you install a graphic LCD, it will be possible to view the received images.
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