High-Tech Enterprise
Fanavari Moj Khavar
Provides Advanced
Telecom, Satellite and Terrestrial Broadcast solutions

Areas of Activity

Fanavari Moj Khavar Company, as the largest supplier of the Islamic Republic of IRIB (Iran Broadcasting Organization) in the field of terrestrial and satellite broadcast, has designed and manufactured significant part of the digital broadcasting needs of the country in accordance with modern world standards. Another area of activity of the company is the design and production of radio links required in wireless telecommunications, which are being designed and produced in different bands. 

One of the main manufacturers of wireless telecom and broadcast equipment in the Middle East.

آیکون توانمندی الکترونیک - شرکت فن آوری موج خاور
Electronics Capabilities
  • Design, manufacture and commercialization of advanced High Density Integration boards for various systems, including digital terrestrial broadcasting and satellites in accordance with modern standards (DVB) for the first time in the country
  • Design and manufacture of power amplifiers in different frequencies from 174MHz to 18GHz
  • Design and manufacture of various processing and control electronic boards
آیکون توانمندی مخابرات - شرکت فن آوری موج خاور
Telecommunication Capabilities

Design and manufacturing of advanced telecommunication modules including:
1- High frequency circuits based on GaAs GaN, LDMOS technologies used in the manufacture of various types of power amplifiers
2- Circuits based on ripple and microstructure structure used in the construction of various types of combines and splitters
3- Design and construction of active, passive and antenna circuits in different power and bands

آیکون توانمندی برنامه نویسی - شرکت فن آوری موج خاور
Software Capabilities
  • Implementation of distributed software in accordance with modern world standards
  • Design and implementation of software based on GIS capabilities for various applications
  • Run programs on various operating systems, including Windows and Linux
  • Software with three-dimensional graphics for various applications, including simulation
  • Types of web-based software with Micro service architecture
  • Types of mobile applications for different platforms
آیکون توانمندی ساخت محصولات - شرکت فن آوری موج خاور
  • Design, manufacture and commercialization of various types of audio and video transmission links on various bands used in live broadcasts over long distances as well as signaling
  • Design and manufacture of PDH and IP radios in different bands from 5 to 38 GHz
  • Design and construction of various digital broadcasting signaling systems and equipping 90% of the country’s television stations
  • Design and manufacture of hardware and software Comprehensive monitoring and control systems for a variety of industrial environments and deployed equipment

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