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Fanavari Moj Khavar Co.

At a Glance

Fanamoj as one of the pioneers of digital Telecommunication in Iran was established in 1998 by a group of university professors and researchers of Telecommunication, Electronics and Computer. As a high-tech company, it has developed several products of wireless telecom and broadcast. To illustrate, DVB-T/T2 digital TV transmitters and modulators, DVB-S/S2 satellite broadcast equipment, Mpeg Re-Multiplexer, Radio links (5-38 GHz) are prominent high-tech products which have been designed and manufactured by the company. Due to our diverse product portfolio our customers range from governmental authorities to private sector. Today more than 90 % of Low and medium power digital TV transmitters all around the country are Fanamoj products and we are one of the biggest suppliers of IRIB in the field of transmitters and relevant equipment. 

Our Competitive advantages are:
  • Advanced Research and Development department including experienced university professors and researchers.
  • More than 20000 sqm, production facility in Tehran with modern manufacturing-, QC-, and test- equipment.
  • High financial and technical capability for participation in national and international projects.
  • Wide range of national and international suppliers of diverse fields.

Organization's Vision

Market leader in broadcast and digital telecom equipment by 2025 in the middle east. 


Fanamoj Over Time

Hybrid Microwave Radio Links

Design and manufacturing of 13-38 GHz radio links

HEVC Encoder (H.265)

Design and manufacturing of HEVC Encoder H.265 for IRIB 

Full-Outdoor IP Radio Link

Design and manufacturing of Full-Outdoor license free IP radio Link 5 GHz (Carrier class) 

Comprehensive network monitoring system (NMS)

Design and manufacturing comprehensive network monitoring system for TV stations and relevant equipment.

DVB-T/T2 digital transmitter (Low/Medium power)

Design and manufacturing of Digital TV transmitter (2-500 W)

Sub Label
DVB-T/T2 Modulator

Design and manufacturing of first DVB-T2 modulator for IRIB

Microwave Portable links

Design and manufacturing of HD Microwave portable links 

MPEG Re-Multiplexer

Design and manufacturing of first Re-Multiplexer system for IRIB

Radio links

Design and manufacturing of 38 GHz radio links

SD Microwave Portable Link

Design and manufacturing of SD Microwave Portable Links

Activity Title
Terrestrial broadcast

Design and manufacturing first DVB-T modulator for IRIB

Radio links

Design and manufacturing of 4.4 GHz and 15 GHz

Rename to Fanavari Moj-e-Khavar
Satellite broadcast

Design and development of satellite broadcast modulator based on DVB-S standard.

Company name change to Fanavari Moj Khavar Co.
Company establishment
Company establishment


Establishment of Rastafan Ryanpajooh Company by a group of university and industry elites in the fields of telecommunications and electronics