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Fanavari Mojkhavar Company

At a Glance

Danesh Bonyan Moj-e-Khavar Technology Company was established in 1998 as one of the pioneers in the fields of electronics and digital telecommunications in the country by a group of professors from prestigious universities and industry researchers. The company has been operating since the beginning of its activity, relying on the expertise of its capable forces in the fields of designing, manufacturing and producing advanced equipment in the fields of broadcasting and radio links. The localization of the equipment required by the Radio and Television Organization in cooperation with the self-sufficiency jihad of that organization has made this company the largest supplier in the field of signaling and digital television transmitters. One of the biggest competitive advantages of the company is to offer industrial solutions along with manufactured products depending on customer needs. The company’s flagship national projects include the design and production of 7,000 TV transmitter systems, modulators and amplifiers for satellite up-links, portable microwave links for sending live digital audio and video, and the design and production of radio microwave links in the 5 to 38 GHz frequency range for the organization. Broadcasting and mobile operators.
At present, a wide range of products for private and public sector customers such as IP radios in various bands, encoders, DMNGs and comprehensive monitoring systems of industrial equipment and environments are undergoing their final tests and will be released soon.

Organization's Vision

Our products include low power and medium power transmitters, Rimaltlexer, ground broadcast modulators and satellite broadcast modulators in Asia, Africa and Europe and we strive to have a successful presence on all five continents in the near future.

Competitive Advantages of Fanamoj Company

  • Research and Development Department includes experienced professors and elite students of leading domestic and foreign universities
  • More than twenty thousand square meters of space for the production of products in high circulation, with the most modern equipment for production, testing and quality control in Tehran
  • Has high financial and technical capacity to carry out various projects on a national and international scale
  • A wide range of domestic and foreign suppliers of equipment in various fields

Fanamoj Over Time

2021 Activity Title
Fanamoj Activities in 2021
آنتن فرستنده - شرکت فن آوری موج خاور

Fanamoj Activities in 2021

2002 Rename to Fanavari Moj-e-Khavar
Enter the wide broadcast area


Design and development of satellite broadcast modulator in accordance with DVB-S standard

2000 Company establishment
Company establishment


Establishment of Rastafan Ryanpajooh Company by a group of university and industry elites in the fields of telecommunications and electronics