DVB-T/T2/Tx2 Modulator for Terrestrial Broadcast, FNJ-DT2 series

Today in many countries digital terrestrial broadcasting is being considered as primary means of delivering multimedia services to the mass audience. This fact has absorbed the broadcast industry to introduce efficient solutions for this platform. In this regard Fanamoj company is proud to present FNJ-DT2 as a professional DVB-T/T2 modulator/exciter to the international markets. The capability of this product to broadcast simultaneously two DVB-T signals is considered as a distinctive feature. FNJ-DT2 is in full compliance with EN300744 and EN302755 standards. By utilizing this modulator as the exciter of TV transmitters it is possible to transmit two independent transport streams on two different channels at the same time with only one transmitter. This astonishing feature can help broadcasters to realize very economic solutions.
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