DVB-S /S2/S2X Satellite Broadcast Modulator, FNJ-DS2 series

FNJ-DS2 is a new generation DVB-S/S2 Modulator for satellite broadcasting. This product fully complies ETSI300421 and ETSI302307 standards and due to possessing several features it is considered as one of the best modulators in this class available in the market. The main feature of this product is its high level of reliability which guarantees the highest up-time in the network. This modulator not only accepts MPEG transport streams on ASI interface but also fully supports TSoIP and special care was taken to cope with jittery transport streams over IP. On the other hand the modulated carrier is available either on L Band or IF frequencies including 70 or 140 MHz through separate connectors. It should be mentioned that when IF output is activated a replica of signal is also available on L-band output on a fixed frequency for monitoring purposes. Also a switchable 10 MHz reference signal and optional 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc for an outdoor BUC is multiplexed on the L-band interface.
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