OEM Satellite Broadcast Modulator DVB-S/S2/S2X series FNJ-OEM7K

Fanamoj company proudly presents FNJ-OEM2000 as an OEM modulator for satellite broadcasting fully compliant with DVB-S/S2 standards. Great level of reliability and excellent performance of this system is the outcome of several years of experience and proven expertise of Fanamoj Company in manufacturing modulators for satellite broadcast applications. FNJ-OEM2000 currently supports all transmission modes defined in DVB-S2 and parts of DVB-S2x standard. The maximum throughput of this modulator is currently 200Mbps. Such a significant capacity makes it possible to transmit 40 SD quality or 10 HD quality video programs coded by H.264 via a single transponder which is a significant ability for broadcasters.

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