Portable Microwave HD video/audio link

Fanamoj audio/video digital MW portable link (FNJ-PDML-HD1) is a versatile, easy to use, easy to carry and rugged digital portable link. It is a unilateral radio link with a set up time less than 20 minutes. It interfaces directly to cameras of any type at the transmitter side without any additional equipment in between. The variety of standard inputs and outputs and wide range of supply voltage are considered as main features which make FNJ-PDML-HD1 a highly flexible solution. Utilization of multicarrier modulation and advanced channel coding techniques according to EN300744 and EN302755 standards has caused superior resiliency and robustness of link in urban as well as rural environments.

Putting all above in a nut shell, FNJ-PDML-HD1 is a highly economic, flexible and reliable solution for TV reportage applications or live covering of events.
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